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Discover ‘thought triggers’ to help you search and find relationships of information

thoughtQ is a Google for Chrome™ packaged App installed locally on your computer (Chromebook™, Mac or PC). Using its own data store of world-wide knowledge and local search engine, thoughtQ suggests words and phrases relevant to a topic that you may not otherwise consider. You then use these words within an embedded Google Custom Search™ service to locate relevant and interesting web pages.

Educational and Enterprise volume licensing is available


Work faster and easier

thoughtQ helps you gather information for your essays and reports with less effort and in less time, while gaining greater knowledge. Search the Web for information like an expert.

Expand your thinking

‘Thought triggers’ are listed in response to a keyword or phrase. These are words that others have used when writing about a topic of interest to you.

Any of thoughtQ’s topic words/phrases are equally likely to be of interest to you. There is no ordering involved in the list (other than alphabetical) and you determine the words/phrases to explore. You can control the degree of topical uniqueness of words, which is often reflected in the reading level. Common words tend to be for lower-level users, while more unique words are for higher-level writers.

Do you know what you don't know?

By design, thoughtQ offers no single best answer. How specific can you be without already being an expert in the topic area? And even if you knew a subject in-depth and could search with a very specific phrase, would you find out what you didn’t know, which in fact, may be of great importance?

thoughtQ functions like a road sign that points and helps you gain knowledge. It is often the serendipity of finding relationships within information that is of greatest value. Too often, conventional searching requires a great deal of reading to find relationships that may be lost in a clutter of text and advertisements.


Clicking one or more topic words/phrases performs a refined web search using Google™ Custom Search. For example, ‘ice cream’ generates ‘Missouri’ as a topic word – a seemingly strange suggestion for people living outside Missouri. Choosing that word will quickly lead you to a web page where you learn that the St. Louis, Missouri is home of the first ice cream cone!

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Volume licensing

Educational and Enterprise volume licensing is available. Purchase orders are accepted upon approval, in addition to credit cards.

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